IITC Von Frey Eletrônico

* Até 3 sondas simultâneas
* Sondas para 90/800/1000 gramas
* Registro digital dos testes
* Não necessita calibração



The IITC Life Science the original Electronic von Frey Aestehsiometeris used to assess mechanical allodynia with rigid tips (threshold) and the “Supertips™” (flexible von Frey hairs) are used for sensory test on all test subjects from all animal test subjects and human studies.

The 2390 series enables researchers to use up to 5 total test disciplines wath a single unit. Multiple users have the ability to use one single unit for multiple studies.

Our system is the first system introduced to the market over 11 years ago which finally allows researchers the ability to test and automatically record pain threshold values in a clean, accurate easy to use compact system.

The systems are supplied with either a 90, 800 or 1000 gram probe. Probe type is determined by test subject.

All EVF systems are calibrated at the factory and do not require any type of constant calibration, adjustment or separate calibrator to be purchased.

 MRI Probe available
 Plug up to 3 probes into a single unit
 LCD Readout (Floating or last max. & minimum)
 Rigid tips up to 800 Gr.
 “Supertips™” 15 up to 65 gr
 1K probe available
 Microprocessor Electronics 0.1 Gr Plug-in probes
 Independence from Hygroscopy
 Independence from temperature
 Optional analog output cable
 Pipette tips can be customized to any specification
 Hygroscopy is no longer an issue.

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© 2016 New Route. Todos os direitos reservados.
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