IITC Teste Plantar Método Hargreaves

* Controle digital programável
* Alta precisão
* Intensidade ajustável até 250°C
* Intervenção manual para todas funções



The IITC Plantar Analgesia Meter for thermal paw can be used on 12 mice, 6 rats and other animals (cats, rabbits) unrestrained when testing for narcotic drugs. Experiments are easy to perform, simply slide the test head under test subject, align the heat source via our exclusive guide light (idle state) by the attached, adjustable, angled mirror on test head to test subject and perform tests.

Start, stop and reset of tests is done by either the pushbutton on test head, front panel controls or supplied footswitch.

 Precise programmable digital control
 Humane cut-off feature
 Adjustable beam intensity in 1% increments room temperature to 250 degrees c.
 Manual override of all timer functions
 Alphanumeric readout
 All Functions and parameters entered via key-pad
 Heated glass option only from IITC
 Footswitch - RS232 - Printer output (standard)
 Software - USB - (optional)

Electronics - 18" X 18"
Base - 36" X 15"

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© 2016 New Route. Todos os direitos reservados.
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