IITC Teste de Retirada de Cauda

* Medições em câmara com água
* Opera com baterias ou fonte 12 V
* Calibração anual



The IITC Tail Flick Test apparatus meter measures latency and/or temperature threshold when detecting properties of narcotic and strong non-narcotic drugs on mice and rats. A built-in Timer is automatically stopped when the animals’ tail flicks out of the beam of light, test result will be displayed on readout for viewing.


Precise programmable digital control
Humane cut-off feature
Adjustable heat intensity in 1% increments room temperature to 250°C
Reaction is detected automatically
Manual override of all timer functions
Alphanumeric readout
All Functions and parameters entered via key-pad
Footswitch - RS232 - Printer output (standard)
Tail Temperature Optional (T)
Software - USB - (optional)

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© 2016 New Route. Todos os direitos reservados.
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